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Happy Birthday

Stevie Wonder Gram

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1) Choose Character

2) Choose Song

3) Book Surprise

We can do any kind of occasion you can think of.

  • Birthday Surprises

Whether it is for a workplace colleague or a special landmark birthday, you can book a fun tribute Singagram London, or a fully personalised hilarious song written all about the person. Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday"  works very well for fun tribute Singagram london, and which ever performer and which ever song you choose, we will always sing "Happy Birthday to you"  as well.

  • Weddings

Singing Telegrams London when performed for weddings are very special indeed. Whether it is the groom surprising the bride, the bride surprising the groom, or a special friend or family member surprising the couple, our fully personalised songs are a perfect end to the wedding reception. Coming just after the speeches, the songs usually include lots of funny things about the couple and how they met.  After the song, the performer will present the couple with a full band production audio CD and a laminated photo lyric sheet. With these gifts, the surprise will be remembered forever.

  • Hen Parties

Some people believe that it is compulsory to have surprises that involve nudity, at the hen party celebrations. In fact that kind of surprise sets up other problems. Some people refuse to go to the hen party if it involves nudity, and the person who often does not want the stripper most is the bride to be. With Singing Telegrams London, you get the surprise element, you get to show the bride to be how much she means to you and no one will be offended, so they can share your special night after all.

Singing Telegrams London are not humiliating at all, as the adult services often tend to be.

Each  member of the party can contribute information for the special song, and using Go Cardless, now each member can contribute to the payment too.

  • Anniversaries

What better way to celebrate a wedding anniversary than with a special song about the couple. Often the husband or wife will surprise the other one, but either way it is a surprise they will never forget. You can also choose to have one of our Singagrams London sing "Happy Anniversary" or  "The anniversary song" or their favourite love song

  • Declarations of love

Singagram london are the perfect way to tell someone that you love them. Stevie Wonder could go and sing "I just called to say I love you" or one of the love songs on our singing telegrams London lists.

  • Marriage proposals

We are often asked to write and sing songs for marriage proposals. It is so romantic and something that will never be forgotten.

  • Apologies

Say you're sorry in a unique, hilarious and romantic way. There are no promises that it will work, depending on what you have done. However, she will be sure, at the end, that you are sorry and that you love her.  We are happy to do an apology song from a woman to a man, although we never have yet.

  • Retirements, Leaving, Bar Mitzvas

You can say Thank you, Congratulations, goodbye, in fact, any occasion, or message you can think of  Including:

  • Funerals

You can book our singers to sing at your loved one's favourite song, at a funeral or memorial service, but we cannot recommend highly enough how special a tribute song celebrating their life will be. The fact that you get to take the CD of that song home with you, will make it all the more special too. Our singers don't have to wear a silly costume, when it's for a funeral,  they can wear a black suit. Alternatively, you can order the song on audio CD or Video DVD, to play at the funeral. Check out the samples on our video page.

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Singagrams London

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Operagrams - Singagrams London

Singagrams London - Opera Grams

Opera Grams in london are performed by Sally.

You can watch a video of her performing the theme from The Godfather below but she also does Diva Grams too and is working on a Marilyn Monroe Gram too.

Sally's song list is not very long at the moment but watch this space, we will be adding to it all the time.

Opera Grams

The Godfather,

O sole mio (cornetto advert)

Nessun Dorma

Time to say goodbye Diva Grams

Gold finger

Diamonds are forever

Simply the best

Big spender

I will survive

River deep and mountain high,

and her Marilyn Monroe Gram is coming soon

Watch this space.

Basic Singagram  £110

Choose 1 or 2 songs from the list  above

Available at short notice, subject to availability

Sundays to Fridays

Deluxe Singagram £120

up to 5  songs from the list  above

Available at short notice subject to availability


Some of our artists can be booked for full night shows with full PA system, as well as singagrams london and singing telegrams london.

Why not add a fully personalised song written all about your loved one with lots of funny information provided by you and a full band production audio CD to make a very special gift. only £40 extra,one week's notice required.

Last minute bookings may be available, it's always worth asking, but allow a week for fully personalised services.

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Singagrams London
London United Kingdom

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Getting the best from Singagrams London DivaGram

1) Choose your venue carefully

A DivaGram can be performed in any type of venue, as long as the owner or manager gives permission. This can include the person's home or where they work, or a pub or a restaurant. Think about background noise, any music playing will need to be turned off. In chains of pubs and restaurants, they made need to get permission from the area manager, and this may require an extra days notice.

When you approach the manager of a venue, make sure that they don't confuse  singagrams London with somehing that would involve nudity, or offend their other guests. Specifically ask if the music can be switched off during the short performnce. Asking in advance almost always works, asking at the last minute hardly ever works.

Consider others, book an acoustic gram if even DivaGrams small amplifier might disturb the neighbours or choose a more appropriate venue.

2) Choose your song carefully

Chosing the right song can make or break a singing telegram.

The perfect song for singagrams London should mean something to the recipient, so that they can remain engaged with the performance, throughout. It should fit with the character. Our tribute grams work very well because the performer is singing a song by the artist they are paying tribute to.

The song should be appropriate for the venue. If you have chosen an intimate love song, that will work very well in the person's home, but may not work in a busy pub. While an uptempo, singalong song that everyone can join in with will work very well in the busy pub, but not so well, in an intimate home situation.

3) Make it more personal

The best way of making sure that the Singagrams London performance is more engaging, is to make sure that the song being song is all about that person. Whatever you tell us about the person can go into the song, whether it is funny, romantic, or sentimental.

Just watch the looks on the people's faces, they can't wait to see what is coming out next. Even our acoustic performers have performed n front of 200 people and you could hear a pin drop, as everyone wants to know what they are going to sing next, in the personalised song. Plus the fact that for not much more money, you get the personalised song and a full band production audio CD of the actual song is presented to them after the surprise performance.

Allow a week's notice, if you want Divagram to sing a fully personalised song and to produce the CD.