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Singing Telegrams UK

Singing Telegrams UK

We are part of a UK wide network of singing telegram performers up and down the country providing a superior singagram service. Founded by The wandering minstrel in 1982, we have won 8 awards for best singing telegram, best musical surprise act and best tribute act between us.

SGT Pepper Beatles Gram

Stevie Wonder Gram

Our Stevie Wonder Gram is based in Milton Keynes and covers an 80 mile radius for his amazing singagram surprises.  He uses a portable battery operated speaker on wheels,  backing tracks and a mic for his doorstep and garden singagrams. This usually gets everybody involved and is experienced more like a flash mob than a singagram.The big difference is that with a flash mob you might have to pay everyone involved with this the singing postmen and dancing workmen just show up.

Stevie Wonder Gram
Singagrams London

Tina Turner Gram

we  currently have 2 Tina Turner tribute acts working for us. Our original performer in London and our new performer who covers Yorkshire and Manchester. Both of them also do Soull Grams and other characters too. You can mix and match songs from either list. We used everything we learned in lockdown from our Stevie Wonder Gram to make sure Tina Turner Gram is the best it can be.

Tina Turner Gram
Tina Turner Gram

Soul Grams

Our Stevie Wonder Gram and Tina Turner Gram performers all do soul Grams as well.

Their Soul Gram lists all contain great party songs and beautiful love songs too to help you choose. The most popular songs are Happy Birthday to ya, which we adapt sothat it isn't about Martin Luthor king, it is about your loved one. We also have You're Simply The Best by Tina Turner, Celebration by Kool and The Gang, All night long by Lionel Ritchie and They say it's your birthday by The Beatles

Gospel Gram

Beatle Grams

We currently have a SGT Pepper Beatle Gram available in Scotland. The forgotten Beatles song, they say it's your birthday works brilliantly for singagrams, as does with a little help from my frriends and other Beatles songs. This service can be performed with a funny fully personalised song, all about the person, with the song itself presented on full band production audio CD and laminated photo lyric sheet after the performance. However, if we don't have enough time for that it can be done last minute with some specially chosen Beatles songs.

The Wandering Minstrel

Mike the Minstrel was the UK's first singing telegram performer back in 1982 and now performs all his singing telegrams in Scotland. This service is best performed with a fully personalised funny song all about the person being surprised. He then presents the the person with a full band production audio CD of the very song

Stevie Wonder Gram
Beatle Gram
Fully personalised songs

Other Singagram Performers

We also have Divagram and Elvisgrams available in London. Diva Gram does classic female vocals from varioua genres and even does singagrams in Italian and portuguese. In Scotland we have Country Singer grams, Van Morrison Grams and a giant singing dog called Digby, who is not just for children. His range of classic pop songs are some of the happiest songs in the world and are guaranteed to put a smile on anybody's face, no matter how old they are. All of our performers in Scotland use a portable battery operated PA System, and a microphone for maximum impact. In Hampshire we have access to Dolly Parton, Abba Grams and a 1940s Siren gram. We are always looking for tribute acts and performers, especially in areas we do not already cover or characters we do not already offer

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Welcome to Singagrams London

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Winners of 6 Best Musical Surprise act awards

During the current  Corona Virus crisis we are pleased to announce that we are offering Socially distant singagrams, 2 metres from a front door, in a garden and we have even been booked to perform in parks and public spaces. At the moment, our performers only travel in their own cars and have a strict hygene regime, so that our singagrams are safe for everyone.  

Currently, in London we have 2 performers available. Stevie Wonder Gram, who also does Bob Marley Gram and Soul Grams

His most popular song choices are:

Happy Birthday to ya, isn't she lovely and I just called to say I love you but if you click Stevie Wonder Gram above it will take you to his page and you can see the Stevie Wonder list and the Soul Gram list too.

We also have Elvis gram

Singing Telegrams UK

Singagram Performers Wanted

We are looking for tribute act performers and genre based performers to perform singing telegrams and singagrams, in London and  throughout the UK. We would be happy to hear from Elvis tributes, Cilla Black, Madonna, Justin bieber, Kylie Minogue, or any tribute act we do not currently have available. We are also looking for genre based performers eg reggae. You may use backing tracks or play acoustic guitar. Get in touch and we will have a chat. To be considered to go on the website please send a photo, and a home video, of you performing as each character or and a song list

The Singagram Story so far

In 1982, on Valentines Day, in Liverpool, Mike Collins became The Wandering Minstrel and sang the first singing telegram in the UK.

A few days earlier, he had appeared on radio merseyside and sang a Valentines Song for radio Merseyside. The song featured the names of the presenters, shows and even the phone-in

number. They loved the song and played it for the rest of the week. During the interview, The presenter asked how Mike was going to be dressed. Mike had not thought about this

and off the top of his head he answered "A Medieval Minstrel" The Wandering Minstrel. He then had a matter of days to find a costume. As it was he could not have chosen a better character

to deliver songs like this. In fact, in Medieval times, The Minstrels would often be commissioned by kings and noblemen to write songs all about them.

For example, a king would have a song written about how brave and courageous he was and how he had won a particular battle, even when he had actually lost the battle.

In the same way, when people booked this modern day minstrel they could tell him all the funny stories from their loved ones life, and the song would be all about them.

On Valentines day, The Wandering Minstrel sang over 40 personalised Sing o grams, and turned down over 250 people because he could not fit them in.

Many of those people asked him to do it for weddings, birthdays, stag and hen parties, anniversaries. Some people even asked him to write and sing songs for apologies, declarations of love

and marriage proposals and the tribute song was born.

The first few years were very busy but then a new trend came along, the kissogram and the strippergram

The kissogram involved someone in a skimpy outfit to kiss the person a kiss on the cheek, and nothing else

Not surprisingly the kissogram is more or less dead now, and very few people actually still do it.

Although, the business was still busy and he had taken on 20 people to do other services, it was not the business

that he had started and he decided to travel Europe as part of a duo.

In 2007, Mike undertook a degree in Popular Music at University campus Barnsley, and graduated, with honours in 2010

He had learned how to put his songs onto full band production audio CD and he soon began to think about become the Minstrel again.

It made it all the more special that the entire song was all about the person and they got to keep the very song on CD

Mike has now performed over 1000 personalised sing a grams and is the UK's most experienced singing telegram performer.

A few years ago Mike enlisted the help of some of London's finest Tribute acts and genre based performers and this part of the business is going from strength to strength.

You can now order a Stevie Wonder Gram to Sing "Happy Birthday to Ya" to a colleague, or loved one. You can have Tina Turner gram sing You're Simply the best,

or Marilyn Monroe Gram sing Happy birthday to you in the style that she sang to the president all those years ago.

Soul Grams, Opera Grams, Reggae Grams and Nina simone grams are also available as well as a visit from a Giant singing dog.

In 2016, the company won, Best Musical surprise initiative from TNT magazine and have fast established themselves as London's premier singagram service.

Singagrams London made the decision early on that it would not just put the same performer in lots of different costumes and expect them to deliver an authentic performance. Instead they decided that they would only use performers who specialise in that particular performer or genre of music. Take a look at the video above, on the left hand side of this page, Stevie Wonder Gram is a proper impersonation of the great soul man, and he is very funny. Just don't ask us to send him to do do Marilyn Monroe Gram, believe me there are companies who  do that kind of thing.

We believe that using specialists like this ensures that you get the best singagram experience possible. Of course this means that you might not secure a sing o gram performance from them on a Saturday because they are doing weddings and very big gigs, but we do have other performers who just work on a Saturday night, though they do get booked up quick. So early bookings are recommended.

In the day time, however, we can often do last minute bookings and if it is at all possible, we will do our best to make it happen.

So ask your self, who do you know who is worth singing about?

Our singagram performers in London each have their own individual song lists. Be sure to check out each of their song lists if you think that a particular song may be perfect for your loved one or work colleague. Look at the pictures above and click through to those you think might be suitable, you will find photos, and videos as well as their song lists. Remember, it is only £10 more to add another 3 songs, these 5 song telegrams provide much more of a party atmosphere even in an office, shop factory or other workplace. For couples, your special song may just beon someones's list and that may just make it even more special. Give us a bit of notice and there are performers on our books who will learn your special song for you, and you could also consider having our wandering minstrel write a hilarious song, all about you including all the funny stories you tell us about them. With enough notice, any one of our performers could sing the song for you, they cost just £40 extra and include the full band production audio CD and laminated photo lyric sheet, of their special song for them to keep forever.

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